— Super Simple Static Site Generator

I wanted to get into blogging, I have some stuff to say. The first step is to setup a blog, so I looked at a number of solutions: Github pages, some Nodejs packages, some other Python solutions. And while they all were great pieces of software solving the micro-blogging problem, I, like most engineers said "I could probably make something to fit my needs," so I avoided actual writing and wrote some software.

I needed something simple, my ideal situation was to write some markdown files, have them automatically indexed on change, and have the app generate them when requested (I chose generate-on-request instead of caching to take advantage of some of the dynamic features of SSSSG). By leaning on existing libraries like Tornado and Markdown, SSSSG only took me a few hours to write.

Having SSSSG will hopefully force me to write more. We'll see though.

Check out on Github and let me know what you think.